We Stand with Black Women! #MarchforBlackWomen

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2 min readSep 30, 2017

Equality Labs expresses its unwavering support for Black women and the Black Women’s March. As black women, workers, scholars, activists, mothers, healers, educators, and sisters take to the streets, we extend wholeheartedly our solidarity with their power, resilience and their beauty. We are Dalit, Muslim, and South Asian religious minority, women, non-binary, and trans folks.

Our oppressions are different and yet pain knows no boundaries of land, origin, or language. Dalits among us too have been historically enslaved, indentured, and segregated for millennia. Muslims too are hurt by the police state. We know too well what it means to have nations be built on the bent back of our labor and have our people continue to struggle.

As we gather strength, we honor, respect, and lift up the strength of all Black women. We listen as allies, work on anti-blackness in our communities and around the world and respect the battle you have waged for yourselves, our communities and the our country. Your resilience and movement intelligence inspires us and we learn from its rich lessons for our own work with our community.

As women, straight, queer, trans, and cis — we intimately understand the contradictions — the gender and sexuality complexity that we have to navigate day in and day out. We recognize and appreciate the sheer will and generosity of black women’s work within all of our movements.

We stand steadfast in holding up the asks of Black women today — an end to police brutality and the murders of black children, an end to the mass incarceration state, respect and love for black mothers, health care for black families, clean water in black neighborhoods, fair access to public education for black children, safety and stability at work, rights for immigrant families, honor and safety for black trans women, and autonomy of black leadership!

Some of us, are also here as settle colonialists who have escaped violence in our home countries and have come tocities built on slave labor and land stolen from indigenous people. We recognize this and commit to the struggle of ending of systems of white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, class exploitation, and settler colonialism that maintain and forward the agendas of oppression against black folks.

We see you black sisters. We celebrate and love you today and always. As we say in Dalit Bahujan circles Jai Bhim and thank you for your sisterhood and leadership!

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