Tell your representatives to stop contributing to Vaccine Apartheid. Urge Congress to lift restrictions on COVID vaccines, vaccine ingredients, and patents and to send urgent aid to India right now.

The situation:

India has been making and exporting vaccines for many developing countries, and now it’s facing the world’s worst COVID-19 surge.

Over 300,000 new infections are recorded daily in India, and this is most likely an undercount. Hospitals are out of beds, oxygen, and medication and now due to a deadly new virus variant, younger people are falling seriously ill at an alarming rate.

After much global pressure the…

To Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization (WHO)

RE: Stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 Islamophobic hate speech and disinformation

We write this urgent letter as members of concerned international organizations who work collectively on the issues of human rights, internet freedom, racial justice, religious freedom, feminism and caste liberation.

This is a time when the entire world is reeling under the pressure of dealing with the devastating impacts of COVID-19 (known commonly as coronavirus). As a result, we are appalled that despite…

A guide to transitioning your digital security culture to meet the moment.

Updated April 1, 2020 by Equality Labs

As the impacts of Coronavirus unfold in the next couple of weeks, our movement cultures around the world are undergoing an unprecedented shift. Your office may now be empty, so hallway conversations are no longer part of how you share information. Childcare may be a bigger part of your day, so creating quiet space for video calls becomes an entirely different process. “Work clothes” may mean something new. …

Last week, the femmes of Equality Labs and Justice for Muslims joined survivors from all around the country outside the Senate in Washington D.C. to lend our support to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who gave one of the most devastating testimonies in a grueling hearing that lasted for hours and played out under the watch of a million Americans.

We showed up because we believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and we believed Dr. Anita Hill first. Because we are exhausted by a culture which places the burden of proof on the survivors of violence while upholding and protecting the forces…

Equality Labs expresses its unwavering support for Black women and the Black Women’s March. As black women, workers, scholars, activists, mothers, healers, educators, and sisters take to the streets, we extend wholeheartedly our solidarity with their power, resilience and their beauty. We are Dalit, Muslim, and South Asian religious minority, women, non-binary, and trans folks.

Our oppressions are different and yet pain knows no boundaries of land, origin, or language. Dalits among us too have been historically enslaved, indentured, and segregated for millennia. Muslims too are hurt by the police state. …

We’re Equality Labs: a feminist digital security, technology, political organizing startup dedicated to progressive power-building. We provide practical tools for communities to make new interventions in longstanding systems of oppression and advocate for themselves. You can learn more about us by visiting our website.

We have created an urgent anti-doxing guide to support activists who are getting slammed by right wing forces around the world for resisting white supremacy, Islamophobia, casteism, and all strains of authoritarianism.

This guide has been created to deal with the current issues we are seeing and should be incorporated into your regular digital security practices…

Equality Labs

We work at the intersection of political organizing, community based participatory research, socially-engaged arts, & digital security. Follow us @equalitylabs

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